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pickup bed plans

1924 c cab

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Does anyone have drawings or plans for the wood pickup bed that used to replace the turtleback on the late T's. I have a 24 C cab and want to build a shortend version out of oak to replace the box I have. I also am going to mount a stainless beer keg behind the cab for a gas tank.thanksSteve
I don't have plans but there is one on E-bay now that you can get ideas from. I posted pics of it yesterday. Somewhere.
Where you guys finding all these C=cabs??????

We saw an old c cab built mostly of wood too far gone to be usable . at a Farm estate sale.
Youngster said:
Where you guys finding all these C=cabs??????


I found mine on ebay several years ago.... I forgot what I paid, few hundred bucks ? Not a lot, had to go 750 miles to get it though.

when I bought it....


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