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Pictures-Need You To Train the Trainer


I Did the potobucket thing. Now What? It looks Like I do not have rights to embed and do not undestand the gallery.

OK now i understand How to Link to a picture
How about the slideshows
Student T-Bucket Build 2009-2010 slideshow by estesken - Photobucket

What And where should they Be Posted?
Photobucket is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You just have to cut and paste the IMG code to post pics. However to view the slideshow you have to click on the picture.

Nice to see more people using the wood mock up.
Nice job on the mock up. Warm weather is almost here.
mock up looks good (now that's a real woodie!) ... give some thought to using a 60degree kick instead of the 45 degree. you won't loose so much of that precious interior space that way. sorry don't mean to harp on this point but it dose help.

First, Thanks for the heads up. As you may of guest, the pics were of ccr plans, pic was taken before they added a 1/2 " to give them 2x3 . Two other groups are working on Spirits and Youngsters. The plan is to set them all side by side and have the students discover the differences. bought some pvc and some fittings so they can mock some rods, Wings and bracket from plywood, axles out of pvc. silhouettes of body and tires –bland-x. not sure what to do about springs. I can do it but do not think its worth the effort. I think I’ll have them make the shape rigid out of a 2x6 or something. Will someone tell me the installed dimension of the front spring from the center of the eyes to the top of the spring. It looks like we are going to run out of time this year. Summer will give me some time to locate some real parts and material. And before you start about all having summers off. Ok I’ll stop. Let’s just say I lost a week of vacation when I took this job. I still wouldn’t trade it.

I must say you folks and this forum are the most helpful guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with in a long time and I hope I can return the favor some day.

Final note: We’ve been taking a little heat about our Soapbox car. I overheard a welding student and a building Trades student talking Trash to my group. Building trades says he could build a better frame than we could and the welder said metal would be stronger. One of my more introverted students said….Ya…….Well……Maybe…….But,….We’re Doing It.
I had to smile.
Thamks again.
That is a great idea to get them thinking, and a real good way to figure out new ways of doing things to make it your own... lower, longer, higher whatever you like... and it will let you know what fits and what does not... ground clearance and all the rest.. You can now see just how short rods act/move againest how long rods move what they are hooked to... think heavy wheelbarrow, and short handles... :lol:
Hi all, 1st need advice or thoughts as to how you want me to document Our student t-bucket build project. My assumption is we need one thread in Project Plans & Updates, Maybe named GRTS 2009-10 T-Bucket Build and then threads [with similar names] in the shop forums for questions.
Or would you rather have it as one continuous thread?
2nd Would like to do a bunch of short student produced video demonstrations of the procedures required to build a t-bucket but wondering how they could be previewed by the experienced builders of this forum before release to the folks wanting to build.

I think one continuous Thread like martys build or tefeverfreds build then if you want to look at earlier pics of the build it is easy.If you looks a t Martys build it has videos in it.
Don't worry about previewing the vids. Over the years i have fornd you can learn from anyone if not by cloning their ideas than by improving on them. We are all students here to some degree.

I agree with Putz, one thread. Makes it much simpler to find info.


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