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If you are posting thumbnails, don't delete them. It will also remove them from your previous posts. I found out the hard way. Photobucket works very easily once you get the hang of it.

I got a section in Photobucket but don't know how anyone else can access it. I even put up the numbers to it here but they didn't show up blue so you could direct access them. I don't know what I'm doing.LOL
Great pictures, really nice car, would love to see more.
I have a Photobucket page and also one on Flickr which I have found to be easier to use, just preference probably. I gave up on Photobucket a year or so ago, took forever to get pictures to load, and couldn't hold the connection for some reason. Maybe they have improved their programs since, but I have been using the same pictures on Flickr and have had none of the same problems.
Your links to pics are showing up but if you copy the direct link the pic will show on the post.
Putz, I thought that is what I copied and pasted. I'll try again;

Truck 1 picture by j67010 - Photobucket

Now I will try with the forum radio button;


If this don't work, I'll give up.
When you view your album on Photobucket, you will some codes on the left side of the page. Click on the box next to the IMG Code and it will copy that code to your operating system clipboard. Come to the forum and place the cursor in the text entry window. Click Ctrl-v (in Windows) or Command-v (in Mac OS) to paste the code. The IMG code will allow the image to appear within your post.


I usually recommend resizing images to 640 pixels X 480 pixels, as you can see larger images start to break the forum style.
I must now scream like Doc Brown in Back to the Future. IT WORKED HA HA 88 MILES PER HOUR!

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