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work behind a bucket or other hot rod?

single wheel pivots mounts to car in 2 places, just drive in...back out
with out jack knifing....

will be out soon in 2 models:D
Hey Jim, you did not mention that you are referring to a trailer that can EASILY be towed behind a T or any other street rod.
forgot the pic....
What is the life of the wheel bearings" That little tire will really be spinning at freeway speeds. What does it weigh? I can see it bouncing a lot going down the road. Of course any light trailer will do that. I think it would work fine. It all depends on what a person wants a trailer for. If a guy is just looking for something to carry luggage on trips it would be great.
4.80 x 8" tire rated for 80mph.
5" hub with large bearings.
swing arm with small coilover, good for 3" travel with 80 lb load
trailer weight about 70 lbs.
Sometimes the back seat just isn't far enough away. But she looks cute.
cworld03 said:
I would go this way....
My plan is to have production going by march next year.
Have you determined a price range yet? What are the dimensions going to be?
on the open stake bed about 3'x4'
the enclosed model 39" by 54" (20 cu.ft)
trying to get to about the $600.00 range for enclosed.
waiting on a couple of bids for the enclosed box part.
will try to have a couple of units at the NTBA nationals in june.
Is the shell going to be made of a high impact plastic or fiberglass? My new T is going to be a flat bed so I wouldn't have use for one but I am looking for a VW Beetle for a daily driver and the trailer could come in handy for traveling, if my golf clubs will fit.
Clubs will fit:lol:
shell is high impact plastic, opens from the side and will lock.
any car with a tow receiver will be able to use the trailer. It will also
have brackets for non receiver cars.

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