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She is on all 4 wheels now! Finally. My son and I put the 3rd member, axles, drums in this morning! Rolled her out of the garage for abut 10 minutes. It started to rain and had to push her back. A good day indeed. Happy 4th of July to all.
It just feels so good to get it up on four wheels and plan the next step PUT THE MOTOR AND TRANS IN.Looking good keep posting pics.
Paul, that's so good to hear! I was just thinking of you the other day. Hey, I see ya got some boards on that chassis. I bet ya been seeing how it will be when ya sit in her. I still have my seat mock up and if ya need it, just give a hollar. I'll drop it off to ya. It'll come in handy if ya decide to take a ride on your chassis, like I used to.:eek::lol:

There are some members of the Southwest Street Machines that meet at Vaso Bar-B-Que on Friday evenings. Dairy Ashford @ Hwy. 90. We could meet there if you like. Good food and nice hot rods, just about every Friday. Let me know!

Thanks, it just took way too long to get the correct rear brake baking plates to match up with the BIG Ford (new style) flange. It's done now!
Yes, I did make engine noises!!! :). The engine and tranny will be awhile, according to my better half....:razz:. We'll see what happens.

Thanks man. I am keeping up with you on your rides. When are you starting on your next ride? I like the speedster idea. I should be getting the rest of the body here in about a month. I kinda like the seat I already have. I just need to get steering fully hooked up, the brakes bled. Then the 2 x 4's for the seats will be clamped on and I'll get my kids to push me down the

You're gonna get your kids to push YOU!? :) You must have them well trained!:D

Paul, my girl doesn't like not having a door in my bucket and says she doesn't really feel comfortable the way she sits in it. She only lets me coast around in her neighborhood.:sad: So, a Speedster with no doors would solve one problem, but the openess of it would be out of the question. After a LENGTHY discussion and seeing the pics of an A roadster pickup, she says she would prefer something that has a door and she can sit down further in. Anyway, I'm working on doing a T Bucket with a door and a stretched body to gain the needed room for me and her to sit lower. Mikey, in Crockett, is working on a frame for a stretched body and I'm working on a list of components. Work will hopefully start this fall. Just like Miss Behavin', one piece at a time. The difference this time is that I have a source, this site, for advice and tips. With proper planning, she'll come in cheaper than the first one. I hope.

Your chassis looks really good and I like the long radius rods in the front. Keep chipping away at her. I'm sure your better half will see how much fun you and the kids are having and come in full speed.

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