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Radir 18 inch wheels, what tire you running?


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I guess I am going to have to break the piggy bank and get the Radir 18 X 3 spindle mount front 12 spokes. What tires are you guys running on these and what is the overall diameter? Can't go with too short a tire as my car is already too close to the ground.
I used motorcycle tires on my front engine dragster. But I checked speed and load ratings, would suggest you do same. Found some rated for 130 mph, don't remember load range but you can check. :thumb:
350-18 motorcycle tires. 24 1/2" diameter.
I have the Hallcraft? wires on mine. I had some trouble recently with the front end and thought I would have to replace/change the front rims. I looked for replacements and learned that if the did still make them they were about 1500 bucks for the rims. Thank goodness I was able to find a local wheel wizard and was able to straighten me out. only cost me 80 bucks a wheel. If I had to replace them I think I would have gone with some weld Anglia spindle wheels. The tires are from the motorcycle shop. 16 180s The motorcycle superstore has some pretty sweet deals on tires. I screwed up and own a set of 17" tires if anyone is interested. they've never touched the road...
The straight rib 3.50-18 tires are very hard to come by. However, I do have a limited suppy on hand.
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