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Real close call today.


I took my Grandson (23 Years old ) down to the law firm where my oldest daughter ( 42 ) works. One of the guys there is a car guy, but had all the lawyers outside checking out the T-Bucket. My daughter wanted a ride, so we go for a little spin, just 8 or 9 blocks. I am going thru an intersection and this guy makes a left hand turn right in front of me. Did a major panic stop and stopped about 2 feet from the other car. If it hadn't been for seat belts my daughter would have been thru the windshield. Sure am glad I am a nitpicker on good brakes.
Glad you're both safe. It truly is a jungle out there and unfortunately, we are prime targets for the unsafe driver.
Sure glad you are a nit picker about seat belts.
Glad things turned out ok, I don't think your a nitpicker just someone that believes in doing the job right. Speaking of brakes, took my car out for gas last afternoon and on the way back the pedal linkage got in a bind. I now know that about 500 HP can push a T with four locked up Wilwwod brakes on it. But they did get hot. I worked on them enough to get it rolling again and think I am going to take a few days before getting back into it.Randall
Couple of Marbles thrown in the general direction of an idiot tends to get their attention LOL, old biker trick I learned from dad to "cure" a moron that's following too close.

Not that I'd ever condone such activity.... or would I?

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