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Real tbucketeer test!


An old TBucketeer drove his trusty T-Bucket to his local hangout and was enjoying a few beers, when a beautiful young lady sat down beside him.

"Pardon me sir, are you a real Tbucketeer?" to which the old rodder smiled and said, "Yes mam I am. I've been building and driving T-Buckets for over 40yrs. I guess you could say I am a real TBuckteer. What is your story, young lady?" to which she replied, "Oh I am a lesbian. I love women! I pick them up in bars, take them home with me and make love to them all night!" With that she drank her beer and left.

The old Tbucketeer had a few more beers, when another beautiful young lady sat down beside him and ordered a drink. When they finally made eye-contact, she smiled and said, "Pardon me sir, are you a real TBucketeer?", and the old TBucketeer, broke down and started crying his eyes out. The young lady obviously surprised at this grizzled old guys response ask, "Pardon me sir, did I offend you?, to which the TBucketeer, replied through all his tears and sobs, "No mam, it's just that all my life I thought I was a real TBucketeer and I just found out, I am actually a LESBIAN!:D:lol:

Glad you guys have a sense of humor! Vegas's banner says it all! I will have another next week.

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