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Rear brake overhaul


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I did an overhaul of the brakes on the S-10 rearend I'm using. Pretty basic stuff, but I am using an emergency brake set up from Lokar. It went on without a hitch as it was pretty close to the factory set up.


Their setup fit right end. The factory retaining/return spring is replaced and closed the lever where the new cable is mounted. I placed a washer on the inside and outside of the face plate to secure it.


All in all it was a real quick job. I used the Lokar setup because the pinion setup from Toatal is ment for an 8" rear. Also, I'm unsure about the pinion setup passing inspection with the DMV here. The Lokar setup has 8' cables that can be trimmed for a custom installation. Cost is about $100.
My next step will be to install a brakeline kit and bleed the system. The Total kit does not se a proportioning valve due to the way it is designed.

1/4" line is used throughout, except in the rear line between the rear drums. This section is 3/16". My problem will be that I am not using a 8" rearend and my S-10 rear may be too wide. So, I'll have to make my own line with fittings or as luck would have it, I can have it made up at my auto parts store at a very reasonable cost. I already have the master cylinder and have removed the rear check valve.

All this depends on if I get tired of seeing those cheap Auto Zone shocks on the rear.:eek: They are doing the job, as far as enabling me to have a rolling chassis, I'm just holding out for a good deal on a set of coil overs.
All in time Fred. Just getting started must be a great feeling:clap:. I'm just so ready to get going myself, but all in time. I'll get there.;)

thomas said:
All in time Fred. Just getting started must be a great feeling:clap:. I'm just so ready to get going myself, but all in time. I'll get there.;)


Yea, being on a budget gets old real quick, but I keep truging. Searching out stuff has given me a chance to explore options as well as save a few bucks here and there. I'm all about doing research before I give up the coins!;)

You'll be ready in time. Now is the time to ask questions and see what other people are doing. Get a plan and a theme and try to stick to it. I can't wait to read your first post when your feet get wet!:rock: Take pics and start a build book. I heard I may need it for the DMV, but I like it because when things seem overwhelming (and they will) I can look where I started and get fired up again.

When my bare frame showed up, I was smiling ear to ear for 2 weeks! I even called Brian at Total to thank everyone! What a day. The frieght guy is probably still telling his buddies about how much I thanked him for dropping it off! I have about 10 pics of just a bare frame at different angles.

One of my UPS drivers thought I was crazy for trying to build a car, now she's one of my biggest fans. You'll find yourself just sitting and looking at it. Wondering how it will be when it's done. Tossing ideas at yourself. It's part of the fun. But perhaps the coolest thing is when someone checks out your build and tells a story about how they always wanted to and didn't. It's cool to be on the side of the fence that's doing it. If someone were to point to any specific part on my car, I can tell them exactly every detail of that day. It's great!

One of my first post on Totals bulliten board was how I was going to do this one piece at a time. So far, that's basically how I have done it. It's been a great 8 months 13 days!:rock:
I am really pleased you found this forum Fred. It is going to be great fun watching your build come to life. You have already got a fan in me also.:rock: I spent about two weeks looking at this forum with not a single post. It was just me and Mike doing all the talking and neither one of us has a build yet. Ran out of things to say. Then along comes Fred. Thank you.

You're welcome, Thomas. I'm glad I found it. I forget what I was Googling that day, but I figured a site devoted to T Buckets had to have cool people in it!:rock:
tfeverfred said:
But perhaps the coolest thing is when someone checks out your build and tells a story about how they always wanted to and didn't.
One of the saddest things I've heard elderly people say is, "I really wish I had done __________ when I had the chance."

Sometimes, we have to let go of being completely practical in our lives and just do the things we want to do. Else that will be us, saying we wish we had done something, whilst we had the chance.
I've got someone interested in my boat. Cross your fingers, I may be showing some pictures soon.:pray::pray::pray:

Mike, about 3 months ago, I was watching the Discovery channel. The show was about this young couple from England who had very successful careers. They sold EVERYTHING and decided to drive motorcycles around the world. Not for a trophy or a prize or to get in the Guiness Book, but just because they always wanted to see if they could do it. The guy almost died when he fell off a wodden bridge in the middle of the Amazon rain forest! It was weeks before they could get to a hospital.

Towards the end of the show, he said, " Basically, me and my wife are just about broke, but we always wanted to do this and it was worth it. You have to at least try to fullfil your dreams."

Man, that show and that last line got me very pumped. I wish I had recorded it. I have read just about every car magazine there is and I just got tired of being on the outside looking in. I still have a long way to go till my T is done, but it will get done, so I'm not sweating it. When I get to work and open the bay doors and the light hits that chassis.... bliss. Like I told Thomas, I can't wait to read your post on the day that truck pulls up to your house! Heck, you may not even log on for a few days! You'll be VERY busy!:rock:

You'll also find you may not buy as many rod magazines too. It's funny, but now I only get Street Rodder and even then, I only read the articles that apply to what I'm doing. Jeez, I wish I had all the money I spent on magazines the last 34 years!:eek:
I'm suprised that someone has not started a magazine dealing with just T-Buckets. It appears T-Buckets is about the fasted growing hobby builds going on.

I told you to put signs on the boat at the next meet.You're barred from my garage till you sell that boat LOL HEHE
I'm working on it my friend.:yes: See you sometime Sunday. I may have someone looking at my boat sometime Sunday.:pray::pray:


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