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Rear End Width?


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I need to know how wide of a rear end I should use on my T-bucket project. I'm sure I can probably use anything as wide as I want, but realistically, what's the norm? I only ask because I'm going to get my c4 tranny tonight and the guy also has an 8" out of a '70 mustang he'll sell me complete for $50. I'm afraid it's gonna be around 59". My dad said nothing over 56". what do you guys think?
The 59" will work. Most guys look for a Maverick - 56-1/2". You can make up the difference with rim offset.

Seems to me the '64 to '66 Mustangs were 57". '67 and up were 59", not 100% sure here. The early ones had a step in the tubes.

I don't know if this is any help, but this is my setup...

So if you were at 59 inches wide, you would just change the offest of the rims by 2 - 3 inches...

Yup, Mine is 56" with 3.5" Offset ( Backspacing ), if the rear is 59" a 5" offset should do the trick or be in the ball park.

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