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rear ends


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I am ready to make this frame a roller, so that brings me to the question of rear end options. Since the eng/trans align is straight down the middle what options are best, I have 98 bravada 3:73 available to me is this a good choice.
Yes same as the S10 and thats what i am running
That chicken looks like he's jonesin' to get ahold of the checkbook!!!!!! Ha!:):lol::)
S10 rears and all the similar GM ones are very popular, but kind of narrow in some cases. I had to go to very deep reversed rear wheels to get clearance for my 10 inch slicks.

Don't worry about the centered transmission meeting up with an offset rear end yoke, most cars are like that, and the ujoints work fine to take up the difference.

He keeps whispering (Tim build a 29) I havent told the warden the new plan yet.

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