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Recommeded Motor Oil


I'd appreciate your thoughts on best oil to use in a 1957 Chevy 235 in-line six engine. I don't know how many miles engine has seen but it runs good. I want to keep it that way!!!! I'm currently using Shell Rotella T 15w-40w oil. Any need to change brands or weights? Thanks
While not an authority on motor oil, I agree with your choice. I was using Castrol 20-50 until they took out the zinc and other good stuff. I use it in my 285K mile F150 with a 302. I swapped over to the Rotel to have what trace amounts of lub protection that may be left in the diesel oils. I have added cam break in additives to some of my more high performance engines with flat tappet cams. We may have discussed this earlier on this site. Maybe a search will provide more information. I think with your engine the Shell Rotella will be good.

good luck,
I agree with Railroad, use a good quality oil. I like to add a Zinc package to all my oil-Torco Oil makes a product called ZEP which is simply a Zinc package. I am sure there are many companies out there that have this but heres the link to Torco.

We do some cross promoting with these guys so thats why I know about there products.
I've begun running Rotella T in mine too and like it a lot. A lot of the diesel engines we service in boats at work require it, so it must have something good about it.

Rotella T is plenty good stuff, used it for years in all the family cars including my SBC's with flat tappets from the day they were "born", and my wifes Suby turbo rice rocket. Plenty Zinc, and a high detergent oil as well, keep that babe clean on the inside.(sort of an All Bran for engines hehehe)
Just be careful putting a high detergent oil in a used engine because any sludge gets washed away pretty fast and can clog the filter up tight. If you still got the filter bypass the dirty oil then gets circulated, which is bad. If in doubt spin a filter on every 50 miles a couple of times.

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