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Red River Jack,s casket

Red River Jack

New Member
Hey guy,s got it goin here,s a shake down
hope this link works..RRJ.[ame=[media=youtube]F5jbeVLWvr0[/media] - morbid rodz bonebox[/ame]
Red River Jacks Casket??? Hell i didnt even know he was sick!!!!
Jack that is one badass death machine. That is goin to be the hub of the car show anywhere u go. U should change your name to Jack Munster.:D
Hey Red, Thats way cool, takes me back to the 70's funny T era.

way to go:)
Thanx guy,s it,s fun i like the look you get from the people in
cars we were watching out for the cops my freind who owns
the shop in the video took one of his rat rods out on a shake down
and was stopped the fines added to around 800.00 bucks.
Here the 2nd run i almost took out the telephone pole it got to
hoppin my rear end sure drawed up ,,cant wait till we start showin it off
I,m planing on startin a Tbucket this summer i,m gonna try to make it as light as the casket but with a 454 ,,,,
[ame=[media=youtube]WIdWwF8hRsM[/media] - morbid rodz bonebox test drive two[/ame]
THAT IS CRAAAAZY!:cry: As cool as the videos were, I wanna see a video that shows to looks on peoples faces. Yea, I'm crazy that way. Looks like you got a show stopper there. Great work.

And I thought my first video was crazy. Bro, you raised the bar 10'!:D
Unreal, I love it, that has to be the coolest ride I've ever seen.

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