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relatively inexpensive steering column

i make my own columns out of exhaust tubing and they work real well. it does require a lathe though. i have used different kinds of tubes because of the size of the steering wheel adaptor used. this one is in my latest T and it came out pretty good i think.

1. i used a corvair box on my T and shortened the shaft to where it felt the best when sitting in the car. the shaft has to be welded so it can be turned down the same size where it is welded to slide inside the bushings you make to go inside the tube so it has to be welded very well.

2. get your steering adaptor. i have always used the 3-spoke grant type wheel but it also matters what kind of shaft you use too.
3. you need to put it on the splined shaft you use and clamp it in the lathe. turn the diameter down to a size that will fit inside the tube you use. obviously, you need to have all this stuff together to match it up as you go. in mine, i used 2 different sizes of tubing because it was what i had. this is after i turned it down.

4. now, get 2 pieces of solid steel round bar as big or bigger than the inside diameter of the tube you used. turn them down to fit inside the tube. the best thing to use would be a solid piece of nylon for it would wear slower, but i can't ever seem to lathe turn plastic without making a mess, so i use steel, which works well for quite awhile. you can also drill a hole in the side of the tube and put in a grease zerk to lube the shaft.
5. drill a hole the diameter of your shaft in the 2 pieces you made. 1 for the top and 1 for the bottom.

6. i drill a 1/4 hole and tap the innear bushing to hold it in place where it needs to be in relation to the steering adaptor at the top and the bottom of the tube where it mounts. as you can see in the pictures. using a corvair box mounted on top of the frame puts the steering column through the firewall, so i like to weld a bracket on the tube at the bottom to mount to the firewall.

7. slide the bushings inside the tube, install the 1/4 screws into the tube through the holes that were drilled and slide the shaft down and your done!!
this is one i made for my henry j by using a bell formed chrome exhaust pipe. the steering adaptor is one that was solid so when it was turned down it fit the flare pretty good. i like to use a muffer u bolt to hold the colmun to the drop in both cars.

I'm impressed with the technique. I to agree with butch, nice work.

This is a good post on building a column. I don't know how I missed it before. This should bring it back for everyone to see.

This is the very reason I would like to see a tech archive on the site. Flatheadgary took the time to compose this excellent how-to but it gets lost in a few hours due to other postings. Hopefully with the new additions we will be able to make threads like this more accessable.

I have a couple of projects coming upthat I would like to post as a tech piece, but I'll wait 'til there is a better way to access them.

That is a great article. Maybe they could add a section in the shop just for tech articles, as opposed to normal Q and A.
We're growing. We need ROOM!:soapbox:
hey, thanks alot guys for the replies. i was just joking on youngsters thread about columns you know. i also know how fast a thread can get bumped to the next day. on most really active forums, you post and instead of it going to the top, it goes to the bottom because of all the other post at the same time. these columns may seem like real backyard pieces, but when there done and painted or you could even get chrome tubing like my henry j one, they look pretty good. i am going to buy buttonhead screws for the 1/4 bolts, which should hide them a little. that's what i like about forums, nobody has all the answers and it's great to see other peoples ideas. the one thing about my way is, no turn signals. you can get one of those kinds you bolt on to it, but it may look to much like afterthought to some people. of course, it could also look real old school to some too. i usually just use a toggle switch under the seat if i want them. most of the time i never use them anyway. i just use my hand and arm. i figure, if they can't see this outrageous brightly colored car, they surely won't see a little blinking light. the only flaw in my assumption is, most people get conditioned and just look for the lights only!! then wamo:cry::lol:
Heck, Flathead, you may have been joking, but it's good that it was resurfaced. I'm a fool for learning new things. Whether I can use the info at the time or not. As a newbie, I collect mostly information instead of parts, but I'm getting there!:lol:

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