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Remembering the 70's

quasi said:
that first one is sweet


...and what did you think of the car? :lol:
Here are a couple of photos of my '23 T, built in 1977. It has a 121" wheelbase with a single spring up front and two individual 6" coil springs and outside shocks for the rear suspension. You don't want to bottom out on this baby. It is powered by a radical 396 bbc, with twin Carter 650s on top of a vintage crossram. Headers are ceramic coated and the wheels are Shelby 500 mags. The brass headlights, windsheld frame and coach lamps are all original T equipment, except for the steering wheel and radiator. The paint is the original midnight blue met. and the interior is the original brown diamond stitched velour, trimed in Oak veneer, which matches the dash, which is full of SW gauges. It has a the rumbling bbc sound and runs like a striped XXX ape.
It says I have exceeded my limit and won't let me download anymore. What do I do to delet some of the downloads I used in posts.
Thats a very interesting car the last one corvair i think.What is that in the radiator shell?I know its hooked to the engine but the only time ive seen that set up is a front mounted blower.
Hey Ted, Was it Tom Medlock that had Speciality Cars back then? I liked their T they built. Also Challenger had one. Anyone have pictures of either one?
The front suspension catches my eye. I look like easy access trainer for alignment machine. Anyone know how it works?

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