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Removing old rear coilovers

Track T-4

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I purchased new rear coilovers but can't figure out how to get the old ones off. The retaining ring under the springs is 3/16" think and has four 1/4" holes in it. I jacked the car up and thought I could put something in the 1/4" holes and turn the ring but am not having any luck. Is there a special tool or is there a fastener in the hole (I can't get a good look)? The new coilovers use a wrench so no problem there but I'm not sure what to do with these old ones. Anyone familiar with this setup?



I believe this is the tool your looking for, they are available at Speedway.


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You need a spanner to take the coil off.Speed way has 3 offered. I have the cheap one ($6.99) and it works just fine. I would remove the shock from the car first. Much easier to work on that way.

Part # 910-82155

Clamper, Putz and Youngster,

Thanks, now I recall seeing them before. Will order one ASAP.....only have a week.

The right tool will make things easier. Additionally there should also be a set screw that locks the lower spanner ring in place. Be sure to loosen this before you try to un spin it

Will do. Thanks.

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