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residual valve ?

I don't think so. I just checked out an article I have that appeared in the September 1996 issue of Street Rodder covering Brake System Valves and it didn't indicate that the residual valves were directional. I think if they were they would be marked "in" and "out" or have an arrow or something.
I would have to say yes by this pic
Yes, they are directional. They allow free flow in one direction and in the other direction they act like a spring loaded poppet valve or relief valve allowing the pressure to drop to a preset level to retain the set pressure in the line. Put it in backwards and you will have less brakes.
I stand corrected. I had the Wilwood valves on my T but it has been so many years since I built the car that I had forgotten if or how they were marked.
The proportioning valve goes between the master cylinder and the residual valve. On your picture of the valves I didn't see anything showing direction, but I can't see the whole valve. Some will say in and out, some have an arrow showing direction. If you have the arrow a easy way to remember witch way is the arrow points towards the brakes. A few will be marked with a triangle - the triangle points in the direction like an arrow.
One other thing, I hardly ever use residual valves. Most times they really are not needed unless the master is lower than the brake cylinders. I have seen were they caused the disc brake pads to drag. It depends on the type disc you have.

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