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right hand door

dave kreis

New Member
has anyone installed a right hand door and what problems did you have, did you by from spirit of speedway thanks dave:eek:
Cut my own door, I used the "door" mold as a guide.

Warning.......Do not cut door out till you have braced the area around
the cut first.If you do not brace it you will have great
trouble getting it to match the body.I glassed in the wood
bigger then the door and then cut through the wood framing
the body and door at one time.
here's a quick couple of pics...

putting the wood in and then cutting the door works well.

on one car i left a 3/4" lip around the door. it took a little more work but the end result was good. my thought was being able to keep tension on the latch so the door wouldn't open by it's self. worked well the car has 70 some thou on it and no problem yet.

For dave kreis butch27 is referring to RPM (Ron Pope)
you might want to give some thought to using a quick disconnect on your steering wheel. makes it a lot easier gettin' in and out.


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