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RocknT's new egine


Well I finely got it put together and this was the second start up ,,and yes I am still grinning ,,,lol
YES! Congrats, Rockn!
Man the temptation to jump in and take it for a spin is killing me ,,well why dont I ,weeellll NO BRAKES is why ,,UUUGGGHHH !!! I put roller rockers on and used the tall valve covers and it hit my master cylinder cruuddd !! now I am going to have to use the frame mount style brake ,, .Oh well at least i can start it and listen to it and annoy the neighbors ...LOL
The major hurdle is over, man. Moving a few things around will go easy. I'm glad you got her going.:cry:

That sounds nice. It sounds like it has a little bit of a cam in it. Does it have a gear drive in it?

Here is the story on the engine,,
I bought a bone yard engine hoping to get through the summer then rebuild it ,,well bad luck struck and had to redo it now ..
it is bored 30overe with 10.5:1 pistons and the crank is 10..10 the cam is the new flat tapit Mutha Thumper . I was working on the heads and buddie said he had a set all ready done ..Oh really ?? I had bought a RPM intake from him and was going to pick it up anyway . He showed me the heads They had a really clean port and polish and the over sized stainless valves Comp Cam springs retainers and keepers even had the guide plate's Comp Cam Roller Rockers and Hardened push rods they are the old style big spark plug heads high compression in mint condition and real hard to find ..I said Oh yeah That is real nice but how much do you want for them and the intake ( thinking waayy outa my price range ) He said tell ya what if you give me $350 for the stuff it's your's !! and like dummy I said What how much ?? Then I came to my senses and quickly handed him the cash ! LOL he told me it was to help me out so I could get my car running !! I darn near gave him a Big hug ,,,LMAO,,So that is how I got it running again so quick Thanks Bud !!
Oh sorry PaulR no it dont have a gear drive that is the Gilmer belt and pullys,sounds cool though,,,
Thats some funny stuff Fred ...but you still wont catch me giving a man a hug
Hi coloradotucket
It is a 351W

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