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Rod End and related links

Baby Huey

New Member
I have a few links in my "favorites" I thought I would pass them along . These are good for gleaning information as well as ordering. Lots of "special" stuff here if ya look thru em.
At any rate, they are good to bookmark for future projects...... :cool: "BH"

Ballistic Fabrication - Manufacturers of Precision Offroad Fabrication Supplies

Genuine Bullet Proof Rod End Specifications

Pegasus - Safety Retaining Washer for Rod End Bearings

Rod End Supply - We Don't Just Sell Em, We Race Em!

Shop eBay Canada Store - heim joints:: heim joint, heims
BH ... Those are some great sights. You ought to put them in the Tech Articals so they don't get lost here.

Ron, I think it would be a great idea to have a page of Links to suppliers, but also a page of Part Numbers, that is part numbers or somekind of ID of parts used . Like Brake Master Cylinders, Rear Axles, Seat cushions used that fit. Shocks, springs......What ever, kind of a "shopping List" for guys collecting parts for a build...These would be parts that are PROVEN to work, not just someones ideas or heresay....
Just an idea to maybe help someone out along the way. Why buy stuff twice? Been There,Done That....
:toast: "BH"
BH ... Yeah, I've spent hard earned cash for thing that didn't work. It used to T me off. Now I just think it's part of the learning curve. Maybe someday that curve will straighten out.

I haven't been to the welder series....I did find a link to a guy on You Tube that was demonstrating how to bend Tubing packed with wet sand (I think) in a Chi-Com Freight "Pipe" bender. Someday I'll get a set of speakers so I can understand what they are saying.....I can't read lips !......
I found another link to a homemade metal slip roller, has a shopping list and all...
Lots of info on this puter thing, jus gotta find it all...."BH" Heres a couple more links.......


Sheet Metal Slip Roll Machine

YouTube - Bending part 2

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