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Roll Call !! and one other thing


Right at 2 weeks till Lenoir, would it be acceptable to consider getting the names and location (or hotel) of the members that are going to be able to make it? Myself I am not sure if I will head up on Tues or Weds yet. But maybe a breakfast or lunch meet and greet on Thursday or Friday to put a face and real name to the screen names we are all used too. Maybe a small something on the windsheild of any tbucketeer that is present to announce themselves. Just a few ideas.
The other thing, we are short on the donation list for the month:cry:, guys just a few dollars will keep this thing going. I does not need to be anymore than a five dollar bill from the most frequent users and this is taken care of:razz:,enough said.

See you in Lenoir

I am not sure yet when I will roll in,Early in the week though. I will be staying at the days inn . I ride a black 27 sporting a big smile and will have the Winning valve cover racer in tow! Am looking forward to meeting all of you! Dennis. (417-849-7160)
comfort inn, weds. afternoon with a rent-a-car.
Dennis, if you have the winning valve cover ya must be in the
stock class:lol:
No, it is in Lenoir, N.C. It is the NTBA Nats.

not sure yet where it will be next year, it changes every year.
what's going on friday? I miss something?
Some of the New Mexico bunch will arrrive on Sunday the 14th late in the day and we are staying at the Days Inn.

Now for that who you are & what are you driving Question when you register for the NTBA Nats you will get a windshield sticker for you car and it has a place for your name, handle & where you reside along with your registration number.

Please put it on the windshield for the whole party. If it gets wet or destroyed I will make you a replacement if you want.

I hope to meet all the east coast folks because the Nats may not be this far east for quite sometime.............just look for a Yellow T with NM plates and that be the LincolnuT from Artesia New Mexico:D.........
Once I figure out HOW I'm getting there I can figure out WHEN I'm getting there but you can bet I'll have a BIG SMILE and a camera in hand...steering wheel in the other?
Let's get the Friday part straight. Do you mean me or Track-T? As far as when they will announce next years date or location of the Nats, I don't have a clue.

I imagine I already know...

Will it be big? We'll see won't we?

I'm there no matter where. Hate that I had to miss Sierra Vista.
I will be leaving deerfield beach on tues 16th,staying in jacksonville,and driving the rest of the way -geting in wedsneday afternoon at comfort inn, :cool:C
We'll be there sometime Wednesday. Leaving Maryland early in the AM. Staying at the Comfort Inn.

Before we get Friday straight it is obvouse my multi task skills need some work. I was board in a meeting so I thought I would see what was going on in the land of Bucketeers. When I seen T Tracks Reply I thought I responded to the wrong person. (always trust your first instinct)

Anyway Ex junk, I will see you in the morning around 9 AM. I will not get home from Iowa till after midnight but I will take many picture in the morning to bring with my lap top. Thanks A million for everything!

Now for T Track, As you can see it is not very hard to confuse me. (sometimes I even confuse myself) Ex Junk and I are getting together in the AM for steering column 101 and my first up close and personal look at my first T Bucket with all the bolts in the right spot. Maybe in the next couple week we can all get together and I will BBQ some T-Bucketeer Burgers for us.

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