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Posted about my bucket experencing front end wobble. Ron From RPM posted to call him and he would walk me through adjusting my steering box. Ya know things like that just don't happen any more. Had he said send it to me and I'll set it up for you. THAT I could understand. But to flat out offer to help? Well,I called him and true to his word my steering box now has preload in it! Along with some "think about this" advice. I'm resetting my front end. I just want to publicly to say thank you Ron, and to let the rest of the members know what a gentleman you will be dealing with should you need his help. Ive been messing round with roundy track cars since the mid 60's. Ron gave me inputs that has me grabbing the T squire and string again!! Thanks Guy!!
I do not think anybody can honestly say a bad word about Ron. He is a real stand up guy!

Well said Jim, I couldn't add a thing to that!

Just for fun, Ron is a prime example of what you will find here. This site could well be the most valuable tool you have for building or tweeking your T bucket.

Ron is a real blessing to this site A+ sponsor spend your money on the people that help Keep this site alive.Made In the USA.

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