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Roth inspired buckets

c cab

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How many of you built Ts inspired buy Roth lets see them post your photos I need insperation I want to build a Roth style car but still working on what do I go bucket, tub, Tourer, c cab ??? berring in mind I have two bucket bodies & one c cab steel body ??hmmm thinking
I have been a fan of Big Daddy since I was a kid. My life has been insoired by him in a lot of ways. The rear bumper of this bucket I built was a direct result of looking at Tweety Pie and using the same idea. Thank you Ed Roth. RIP

I was planing on putting a sculpture of Rat Fink in this gocart. For now it's just me going for a ride in my imagination.

the first two photos are intresting the first looks a bucket with a 34 on the rear Intresting how much room do the kids have & that second one I was thinking about building one for fun cool bit ot fun

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