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Saturday music..........


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ya need the way back machine on this one............

She Said There Is No Reason
And The Truth Is Made Of Seam
That I Wonder Through My Plain Clothes
Would Not Let Her Be
One Of Sixteen Vestal Virgins
Who Were Leaving For The Coast
And Although My Eyes Were Open
They Might Just As Well Been Closed
Whiter shade of pale.... I didnt get last saturdays. lol still wunderin..
sorry norseman.....
Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop 1973

Trade ya weather for the next 48 hours?
What was last saturdays tune? last week was zeppelin, you were right this week
lolol cool!
Im pretty rusty on my zepplin. I dont think they made it thru the shop cd player this past summer.
Always look forward to the song guess of the week. Its easy if you have the music but just the words, not so ez..
Visibility in town right now about 300 feet, out in the country probably zero...
minus 4 temp and dropping, expecting another 6 to 10 inches of the white stuff with this 40 mph wind..
I could be mean and tell you about mowing the grass today
but, I won't ;)

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