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Saw a C Cab today, or at least I thought I did...


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We have a little car show every year here in the Old Town part of Fort Collins. This year I saw this truck and thought "A C Cab!" But closer inspection, it turned out to be an old Mack Truck. Did the Mack truck people buy and use Henry's cabs? With all the noise on the forum lately about the C Cabs, I thought it would be fun for others to see this thing. Much bigger than the pictures imply. Here are some pics of the beast.

It's hard to tell from this view, but the tops of the bed sides are almost six feet high:

Rear view:

Front. You can just see how the doors slid into the body when they opened. Yes, that is a front crank to start the engine:

Solid cast wheels with hard rubber tread. Rear wheels with what I estimate to be almost 20" diameter brake drums:

And for the Rat Rodders, what appears to be no front brakes!

Name plate:
That cabs a lot different that a ford cab. Two main things stand out to me. first, in the third pic, if you look right above the door, the edge appers to be kinda square. fords were formed round. And second, I want to say real fords had more of a rounded C shape than that. That shape looks mre like my Chopped C cab. here is my long term (read forever LOL) project C cab.


That's cool. Thanks for sharing. My bosses dad has an old (I think 1919) Ford truck I'll shoot over to his house one day and get you guys some pics if you are interested.
The pocket doors are cool on the Mack.

there were custom body companies that built "commercial "bodies to fit on various chassis in the old days. We saw one yesterday that was mostly wood. much too far gone to think about dragging back to the farm.

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