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sbc measurements

I've got measerments for the bare block, does that help? Length 21.75, Width (@ bellhousing) 16.75, Height (w/o main caps) 9.8. I've got an engine swap guide around somewhere with assembled specs, if I find it I'll post them.
I have a PDF with dimensions for Chevy and Ford V8 engines but unfortunately I can't uploaded because I'm being told it exceeds the maximum allowable file size. If someone can post it for me I will send it to them or I will send it to anyone who needs it if they will email me.
akitagandy said:
Does anyone have the measurements on a SBC


If you can wait till tonight I will send you a PDF/cad drawing of a Chevy small block. It is a front, side and top view and very detailed. As I don't really know how to post it on the forum, I will be glad to send it to anyone else that can. I just have to snap some basic dimensions to the drawing. Send me your email address and I'll take care of it.

Why don't you email it to me George. I would like to compare your numbers to the ones I have in my PDF. Thanks
That's the same as mine except I also have the Ford dimensions included.
RPM said:
George, do you by chance have a DXF file on a small block Chevy header flange? I could draw it but that would take too long.


I don't have that drawing but I will try and find one. I checked with a friend late this afternoon and he will get his waterjet guy to look. They are a race car shop so they might have it. I also know the owner of Canfield Cylinder Heads and I'll check with him Monday. I think they use to make Chevy small block heads. Now they're doing 426 Hemi and several Ford heads. And, he is building a tbucket with a 426 Hemi. Ought to be a real thrill. If all else fails I could measure up a stock head and do it in autocad. I'll let you know.


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