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scottsdale az


any t bucketers around scottsdale az? will be out there for the festavel of the west march 18 to 23 in case someone would like to meet up for dinner one night ,just a thought
Dusty you just missed me i am flying out to help my uncle in mesa. And he is coming back with me for a couple of weeks. Try the Grand Lux in Scottsdale its super dupper.
I will be in Vegas Feb 21 to 24th..wonder if anything is going on then ?
spent a week in mesa a few years ago very nice place ,love the superstitions , wish wife would move to az I would be gone tomorrow if she would,its my fave vacation place, been there 6 times ,flagstaff ,sadona, mesa
My cousin sells Cirrus aircraft i was there for thanksgiving and i got to fly the new turbo from Glendale over the new cards stadium to Sadona airport and back. Very fast and 5k higher than i am use to in the ole 150. I started to move there in the early 80s but didnt work out. So Tulsa is home. Click on the link and then click on Caps deployment video to see the main feature on the only 4 place plane with a parachute this is the one i flew.

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