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Seatbelts or not?

Jim B

Active Member
I have a nice set of four point seat belts and can attach them to the frame. But I am wondering if it is better to be thrown out or be strapped in? If I treat this like a four wheel motorcycle, I might would rather be thrown out. I have seen them both ways. Now is the time for me to decide.
I use a lap belt to help keep me in the seat over big bumps, etc. They are attached to the floor, not the frame.
I’m just going with lap belts for the same reason as spanky. I don’t want to get tossed out. Other than that...well...
I seriously think if something happens, like getting t boned, you're toast anyway. There's a 1/4" of fiberglass between you and the guy that hit you. The seat bely isn't going to do much to save you. If Spanky is concerned about being thrown out from a bad pothole or bump, thats well and fine. Other than that, I don't want to get graphic!
Just sayin'
We have lap belts, partially because we have to in Canada.
I use a lap belt, but the ends are just tie wrapped to the seat. Keeps me in place, but in a rollover crash I would hopefully get throw free. That said, I stay as far away from other cars as possible. If they can't touch you they can't hurt you.
I That said, I stay as far away from other cars as possible. If they can't touch you they can't hurt you.

Just wait till you are cruising on the interstate and someone tries to get a picture of you and the bucket . Next thing you know is they are in your lane. Hit the brakes!!!
In 1996 I had a head on collision in a full sized truck. Totaled it, the engine and transmission were parallel with and against the seat. No seat belt. Now, it did bust my skull from the impact with the wing window frame, but the steering column went through the rear window, had I been strapped in, I very seriously doubt I would have survived the hit from the column. Short answer: don’t wreck! I’m not sure there is a right answer. It’s circumstance related. I did make my kids wear them and my bucket has them, lap belts. Like a bike, a hard hit will likely be detrimental, belts, helmet, whatever.
I agree with the don't wreck. I plan on driving it as if it was a motorcycle. I'll be looking out for everyone else, right, left, front, and rear. I will have lap belts and I like the idea of the tie wraps at the mounting point. I think I'd rather be tossed out than stay with it. There's really no protection from a hit. Like fletchson, I've had 2 good hits. One broadside in the drivers door no seatbelt. After the car stopped i was on the passenger side. Severe whiplash #1. 2 years later, broadsided on the passenger side. That time I saw the car coming and was able to minimize occupant injury. Myself and girlfriend both had bad whiplash. Whiplash #2. I learned to have eyes in the back of my head after those.
Like I said before, anything that happens in a bucket can be bad. It’s like having a seat belt on a bike. Not much help in an accident.
I'm probably one of the younger people that comes here so I'll be the adult child lecturing the seniors...;)
YES. Seat belts save lives. People who don't believe that in 2022 might as well be flat-earthers.
Are there 1/1000 cases where the seatbelt did more harm than good? Sure. Are those the odds you want to bet your life on?
Not wearing a seatbelt turns otherwise minor collisions into fatal ones, especially in the absence of any other meaningful safety equipment.
It should still be a choice, just like the make of vehicle you by.

Think what the rich would do if no limozines were available to them and had to ride in an electric car that Shaq wouldn't fit in.;)
And not many of us older folks would survive a side impact in any vehicle. 4000 lbs or more can and does do a lot of damage to anything or anyone it hits, even at low speeds.


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