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semi eliptical rear spring setup


I am currently building a 27 t sitting on top of the frame rails. i have been considering using 1/4 eliptical leaf springs to suspend the rear axle. Speedway does this on a couple of thier kits. does anybody have experience with this? or would i be better off to just go with radius rods and a couple of coil overs?
You could mount your 1/4 elliptic rear springs into a pocket in the lower part of the rear kick up. This would make for a very clean and simple installation. You would still have to allow for shocks and if you choose to mount hydraulic shocks in the "conventional" manner you might as well use coil overs rather than the 1/4 elliptic set up. Otherwise, you will have to come up with a cooler way to mount the shocks or perhaps use friction shocks.

I used 1/4 elliptic springs with friction shocks on my front end and am very pleased with the set up. The springs are hidden by the front frame rails and all that is readily visible are the friction shocks. It made for a very clean look.
I think I would set up the springs up as a 4 bar arrangement. Use the springs as the lower bars and add an upper tube. If you aren't running a box or turtle deck, friction shocks would be a cool feature, otherwise, hyro. shocks. You would need a sway bar with this set up also. That could be mounted off the front of the housing so it wouldn't be so noticable.


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There are a few more pics of Harvey's T there also.

I've got a few more on another one of my Flickr pages. Yellow lakester, gimme a few to locate those pics, I'm sitting outside the Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, IL right now at the T Bucket Nats.

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