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Set up your own e-mail service

Discussion in 'T-Bucket Forums Announcements' started by Mike, May 23, 2015.

  1. Mike

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    Oct 23, 2006
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    Everyone is always asking me, what e-mail account can I use to register for the forums. Well, here is a real simple answer - use your own e-mail account, on your own e-mail service. And it will even be a secure service, which is a lot more than you will get from the freebie providers.

    Yes, this will come at a small cost, but the amount of security you will get is priceless, so don't pet the sweaty stuff. (Or is that supposed to be, don't sweat the petty stuff?)

    Here are the links to get you going -

    You will need a domain name. Obviously, you must use a unique domain name, but make it anything you want. petthesweatystuff.com sounds pretty unique to me, but you might want to use your name, to make the domain more identifiable to others. Since the video tutorial recommended jusing Gandi, then visit their site, here - Gandi.net

    I have to be up front with you, in saying I do not and will never work with domain registrars that offer hosting. I used to use that company that hired Danica Patrick as a representative, and the experience with them was less than stellar. They are not good at registering domains, because they are trying to sell hosting, and their hosting sucks, because they are a domain registrar. Personally, I use Namesilo, a company that registers domains. Full stop. They don't sell soft drinks, they don't sell hosting, they don't wash cars, they register domains. I realize some of this will seem pretty techy to you, so I am only giving you Gandi's link, so you can follow along with the video, frame by frame. If you want to use Namesilo, ping me, and I will give you an affiliate link, where I can earn a few cents on your purchase, at zero additional expense to yourself.

    OK, you now have a domain name.

    Now, go over to DigitalOcean, and purchase a $10/month droplet. Yes, your secure e-mail account is going to cost you $120/year. Sue me. I spend hundreds of dollars a month for Web servers, and $10 is throw-away cash, so make your sobs, whines, and cries very loud.

    And now, you have hosting.

    For the first year, Gandi will give you a free SSL certificate, but that will end up costing you something in the vicinity of $16.00, in subsequent years. You will still be under $12/month in cost, so you're still looking at chicken feed.

    Follow the video, step by step and you will soon be sending secure e-mails from your own e-mail domain. No Hotmail, no Yahoo, no Gmail, but your own mail. Nobody will be reading over your shoulder, determining what ads to show you, instead you will be reading private and encrypted messages. Privacy is a good thing.

    Would I do it this way? Well, if I didn't have a handful of Web servers, already, maybe I would. For me, I spent $8.99 on a domain name, then spent $34.95 for 24 months of Runbox encrypted e-mail services, so it ends up costing me $26.47 a year, or just a tick over $2.20 a month to do the same thing. I just threw the domain onto one of my Web servers, and Bob's my mother's brother.

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