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Setting up the front hairpins question


Clevises and heim ends have just arrived, time to setup the hairpins for locating the hairpin frame mounts.

I understand that both clevises and heims are threaded into the hairpin approx half way for the initial setup. Question: should the axle bosses be at 90 degrees to the frame or spring perch for this setup? or does it matter?
Work off the spring perch Craig. Be sure to use anti-seize on the threads.

Ok Ron, I just picked up some anti-sieze at's one more.....the clevises didn't come with any fasteners, so I would suspect the clevis-to-batwing connection would still require clevis pins and cotters or are you using something else? I'm surprised that Speedway doesn't carry that.
Just me but i use a 3/8 24 (fine thread)bolt and a nylock nut.
Thanks Rick, I could easily use regular 3/8" hardware now to quickly mock up the hairpins, before I get the fancy stuff.

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