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ShadeTree Mechanic T-bucket for sale

The museum is about 6 miles from us. I understand that it could be bought very cheap.

What's the definition of "very cheap"???
When they called me and ask where to try and sell it, they said they wanted $12,000 for it.

Man, That's a good price and it has a good story and history. I hope it goes to a good garage and gets DRIVEN!!
I would double the miles on it in the first hour! Still have the VHS tape of the build around here somehwere.

Well it reached $14600 reserve not met.
Its called bid fishing list the car one time with a high reserve to see where the bid goes to so you dont leave any money on the table by asking a sale price to low.
Ron said they where asking 12000 for it at the Museum though.
It supports my belief that these cars are simply worth $12-15k not matter what you spend building one. I watched for years before I bought mine and anything above that price range is always for sale and never sells. I paid 15k for mine and it was brand new with 40 miles. Good deal to buy but not a good deal to build and think you are going to make money at it.

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