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It's to cold to work on the Bucket so i'm working on the shift knob.

I dont know where i got the trinket but i drilled a hole in it and made a copy of the lokar knob.I got my new lever friday should look good.




LumenAl said:
Way cool! Looks somewhat familiar...


but your's is cooler cause ya built it!:beer:

Thanks now i know how far up it will stick in the wind.Perfect.Man i like your interior
Cool shift knob, looks great.

Rick said:
It's to cold to work on the Bucket so i'm working on the shift knob.
Thats way to white for a desert rat like me.
Rick, that's a little short. Maybe you could add a foot or two.:beer:
I tried but thats the longest i could find and still have the taper
:beer: Cool! That's going to look great sticking up out of your car. As for the weather, well the days will seem to go by quicker since daylight savings. Spring is just around the corner and you'll be roaming the streets in no time.
Only down side to the long shifter I've found is... one... you can't really speed shift by any means. Second, and kind of a med to big bump and the weight of the shifter shifts it into 2nd gear, so you may end up driving holding on to it all the time... I do!

If it were easy to look cool then everyone would! :D
Good Points to ponder.BUT I'LL STILL LOOK GOOD.LOL
What the heck is that white crap?

Sugar? Soap?

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