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Show me your Motor mounts


I am ready to mount my Flaty in the frame . Show me your motor mounts and trans mounts. I need some neat ideas, So far I have a few extra push rods and was going to use them,or I could weld some chain links together. But before I deside . Show me what you got. I dont want to make the same old square mounts. if you don't have fancy mounts but have seen some show them . Get a pen and paper show your creativity. From what I have seen that is what you guys are all about and yalls great rods show it.
Popeye: Here are the ones I fabbed for my '27. There wasn't much available for the SBF and I didn't like the stock ones so we cut and coped some chrome moly and tig'd these up. I smoothed them a bit with filler so they flowed nice. The bushings were from Energy Suspension.

BenT, nice job on those mounts. They really add some character.

Heat treated chain is hard to get a good weld. It's ben a few years since my son sold the 2 merc powered 50's pickups but I think they had 2 mounts cast in the front and the rear trans was at the back of the trans... that puts a strain in the middle. I used the ford biscuits on the 0lds I had in my first T
Popeye, I realize you are trying to be creative and do something different for your motor mounts, but this is an area you really need to pay attention to and build them as strong as possible. Even stock mounts take a beating when you start combining a heavy foot and some additional hp, but to consider using pushrods or chain is just not the right thing to do IMO. To me it sounds sort of rat roddish to do something like that.

First of all, I really have no problem with rat rods IF they are built well. In fact, I am on two rat rod forums. Where I draw the line though is when I see parts that are being used in an application they were never designed for, or are too weak to do the job. Believe it or not some of the members on those forums have used things like crowbars and camshafts for draglinks. They thought they were being cool and innovative by doing so, but what they are really doing is putting themselves, their passengers, and everyone they meet on the road in danger.

Please understand I'm not trying to lump your idea into that category, just trying to make a point. Sometimes we shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel because there are good reasons some things are done the way they are. I also don't like motor mounts that have no rubber or poly in them. Solid metal engine mounts are fine on drag cars, but not on the street.

Just my opinion.

My setup is very simple and straight forward. On the left side I had to incorporate a mount for a carrier bearing for my steering.


On the right, the mount alone can be seen. (Please excuse the dirt.)


All my frame and motor mounts are made from 3/16" thick steel.

I appreciate your consern and I would not do something that would fall apart. I was just mearly getting the wheels turning. I am also not running a lot of horse power just a stock flathead Ford V8 and I drive like a grandpaw, I get fussed at all the time by the girlfriend .The push rod I belive would be strong . As far as the camshaft for a drag link. sounds neat but I know they are also brital under lateral force. I had a cam standing up on the floor of my garadge and accidentily bumped it.Well It fell over an broke in half, I don't think I would use somthing that brital on a drag link . But I do have a friend that works at a machine shop and he could probably turn me a peace of steel rod to resemble a cam what you think. Same idea better material. I like it.
The quest to be different.

Ben!!!!!!!! Geez, I mean really man.......Nice mounts. Stop the madness, and stop setting the bar so dam high!

You really need to make a Youtube video for me! :welxome::D:D:D:D:D

:hijacked:Oh I got a few YouTube vids! This is my favorite. PowerTour 2009 in the rain with my little brother driving. No trailer queen here!


mikesplumbing said:
I shouldn't of doubted you!:eek:

Ha! I went and checked them out, very cool.


My bro posted those, I have a few more videos, but I haven't had the time to upload them. With the new build, I plan on doing a few short videos documenting some of the processes.

Anyhoo--Back to motor mounts. As I said in another thread, I've built some things a few times. Here is the first attempt at the motor mounts--you see why I scrapped them and went for the custom one:

First attempt: Stock mounts: Yuk!


Building the new mounts:


Done: Little bondo, sanding and paint and its finished!


Now the point of the thread was to show your motor mounts. Doesn't anyone else have some to show besides me and Ex Junk?
Here ya go, nothing fancy. A bad pic and a dirty car. Its just a stock mount.

I am not sure if they will work, but have been told that they do. I had some biscuit motor mount on it and they only lasted one season. I thought since I have the T all apart to give them a try.
I thought I would have had more replies , but I guess that's how the cookie crumbles. To all the people that did post a reply thanks and the pics are great, keep them comeing ,clear and close up.I like the hocky puck idea. but what are they made of and how much do hocky pucks cost. I have only seen them as a black spot sliding across the TV screen. There is no Hocky down here in Hot Louisiana .
Hockey pucks are about $2 each. They are made of hard vulcanized rubber weighing about 6 ounces.

"Live long and prosper." :)
In place of hockey pucks I would suggest that you check Speedway's Universal Bolt-Through Cushion Kit part number 720-9314. These not only work very good but are also good looking.


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