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Skulls for your Ride.


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Now if i can just locate the business.If i can find them im buying for sure.
[ame=[media=youtube]_69HSkK6cBM[/media] - Carskulls - Skulls for your hotrod![/ame]
The ones i found are the ones in that video.Do you have a link for the ones your talking about?
rb61069 said:
They have the fiberglass ones that you paint on Ebay for $59.95

Item number: 130292178299
Thats the one i found and the one in the video (Each durable urethane skull is individually hand cast.)There plastic.But thats ok.I'm still ordering it my daughters are footing the bill.
I have one that I got just after I got my shifter the first time around. It's a skull in a clear ball set in a bone hand. I got it at a CVS store around Halloween a couple years ago. Cost me $1.99 plus tax. I never used it because I had a Lokar shifter at the time and it sits here at my computer desk, but if I drilled it out and epoxyed in a nut to screw onto my TP shifter, I probably would use it. Well, considering that I have some spare time.... maybe I will.


Sorry for the quality of the pic, but it's a webcam.
If you need a tap let me know Fred.And i'll send the Tap drill also.
Rick said:
If you need a tap let me know Fred.And i'll send the Tap drill also.

The base of it is polymer, so I figured if I took my time, I could drill it, insert a nut and epoxy it in. Then just screw it onto the shaft. Now I know I'll try it. Hey, $1.99 can't lose.

Just got in from a drive about an hour ago. Feels good man.
I talked to the guy Nick who makes those skulls and he sent me a couple with the lights in the eyes.We got a done deal shipping sone i just have to tell him what mods i want.


These are both on a 9" ford rear end.8" will be the same they also fit that gm
Heres how big they are before they are painted.

This is a top view.

And yes i'm going out tomorrow and yank the rear end out of the old Rat Fink.
A buddy of mine was telling me about these, they are much cooler than they sounded.
I might have to add one.
cworld03 said:
this is how mine came out, eyes light up with the brakes

Mines ordered do you have any close up and or build pics putting this on if so could you send them to my e-mail?Any help would he great.
He has pics of them on a Dodge cover and he said they just need to be trimmed to fit anything.He even has one trimmed and molded into his 32 grill on his t-bucket.see pic.
I cannot take credit for this car, it was built by a friend named Mike Ojeda. It has skull headlights, as well as other similar enhancements.
Mike Ojeda


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