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So-Cal T's Fun Run


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Only one week to go. For anyone who may still be undecided, you are always welcome. Local car show at "Cruisin' Grand" Ave. in Escondido on Friday night, Saturday is an all day cruise to Temecula from Encinitas and back, with dinner at Brett's BarBQue in the evening.
409T said:
Only one week to go. For anyone who may still be undecided, you are always welcome. Local car show at "Cruisin' Grand" Ave. in Escondido on Friday night, Saturday is an all day cruise to Temecula from Encinitas and back, with dinner at Brett's BarBQue in the evening.

Looing forward to the run, should pull into town on the 4th!!
Jerry & Shannon
We will be there ! Pull in on the 4th in the evening.
OK... quick update... Monday when Ceec arrived in Carlsbad he had a minor mishap with the steering universal joint came undone and the car went hard to the left and into two cars... messed up his car... wood separated at cowl... caliper jammed front left rotor, windshield wood and glass is badly cracked... today he went to NAPA and got a new caliper, Jerry (Ma & Pa T) and I worked on trying to straighten out the drag link (.25 wall tubing) best we could and some of the boys from Tucson helped fix the steering column... as of midnight tonight, a little rough and beat up a bit, at least Ceec will be able to go on the run tomorrow... A big thanks to all those that helped out!

Do T-Bucket guys rule or what!
Good to see when things don't go as planned, that people are there to help, thats what life should be all about...

Good job fella's
On the way back from the 101 Fun Run. The wife and I had a really good time, enjoyed meeting all the names I am familiar with. Ceec cleaned up on the hard luck award. I got to see Ceec Bucket and even after being in an altercation with two parked cars, it is a very fine looking Bucket. LumenAl got the peoples choice award in Escondido - I really don't think anyone was surpised, Al's bucket is truly outstanding. Many of the Arizona people were there also - really an outstanding group of people from Arizona and of course Ma and Pa T from Utah were there and I am proud to call Jerry and his wife friends and Tbucketeers. The SO-CAL T's can rest easy for now with another job well done, and thank you for allowing my wife and I to join in the fun.
Now have to think about Fred's Fun Run. :)
Well, I just finished driving 895 miles towards home and I'm beat! The 101 Fun run was a blast and was great to put a face behind some of the names here... I think the group from the PNW (Ceec, Ma&PaT, Duke, and myself) are going to give Fred's run a hard look cause this was so much fun...

I must say 409T's car is really something else... very nice indeed and was way cool to see his wife and daughter driving their own T's too! He did a great job of keeping us PNW boys from getting lost to... so special shout out for your willingness to guide us through the maze of streets to the correct destinations and stops!:thumbsup:

HiGloss T's car is also a standout... very nice as well... I'll post some pics when I get home...

A huge thanks to the Arizona gang for making us feel so welcome as well. :)

I'm beat... time to turn out the lights!
I would just like to say thank you to all who came to the 101 Fun Run. It was great to meet everyone, put faces to names, BS about T-buckets and see all your fantastic cars. I hope all of you had as much fun as we did, and will come back next year. If I remember correctly that is going to be August 6 & 7. Between now and then, I hope to see as many of you as possible at Fred's Fun Run. I believe it will be the first weekend (Fri & Sat) of November in Tucson, AZ.

I will put together a collection of photos of the 2009 Fun Run for the So-Cal T's web site, and post a link here when it is done. If anyone is curious, last year's is here: Fun Run

Got home at 8:00 pm, Sunday, Great Trip!! Shannon on the way down did good at Whiskey Petes, just about paid for the trip.

A special thanks to all of the SO-CAL Ts, once again they have put on a hell of a run, Thank you!! For those of you that missed it put it on you calendar for next year. I know we are planning on going back down next year.
409 what a bucket, love that old engine and the way you have done it, in fact some of you may not know it but he and his family had 3 buckets there, all nice looking! Now that is a true Bucket Head Family, love it!

The best part of the whole run was the people, True Bucket Heads, people from all over the west coast, I cant say enough about the friendship from all the new people we met and the ones we met at the 07 Nats that we got to see once again. Shannon and I had a blast.

Al did take good care of us, kept us for getting lost, I would have been still looking for the motel if it wouldnt have been for him. I have always seen pictures of his Bucket and knew it was nice but you have to see it up close, beautiful bucket except for that one spot on the brass radiator that he kept missing when he was polishing it, lol.:eek:
Duke, another very nicely done bucket, Duke and Karen was a lot of fun, it was so good to meet the people we have talked with for over the past 2 years. We will see them again at the Salt Flats this year, Great people.
Ceec, well all we can say is we should have started working on the bucket when we first got there on the 4th, bet we could have had the windshield and the light fixed up before the run started. Another fine bucket, the wood workmanship is second to none. It will get fixed and it will look like new once again.

Yes we are already planning the trip to Freds Run in Az., just hope we can get away. It would be good to see the folks in Az. once again.
We had a fun time thanks to all that was there.:)

Thank you
Jerry and Shannon
Well, just got home after a stop at the in laws for some good steaks, the Carnivore in me was very happy. Driving home we started in sunshine and got into about 100 miles of very heavy rain, then it started snowing. Put about an inch on the ground and road. Now did someone to forget to tell the weather man it is June and there is Global warming. I am going to start pegging for an enclosed trailer. Right now the wife is thinking I have a better chance of winning the lottery. :)
one finger john said:
Any news and/or pictures on Ceec's car? Perhaps pictures of the failed steering coupler?


Ceec will have some pictures once he gets back...


In the interest of not making people worry about their steering couplers (u-joints) let me say this... when the jam nut that locks the Allen setscrew onto the steering column was found sitting on the ground, Ceec had a pretty good idea of what the problem was...

Ceec told me he went by to see you and you made some good suggestions to him that he planed on implementing... He is going to need a new drag link, steering box has lots of play as it took a hit, he replaced the caliper which means he can now drive the car after we fixed the steering. New windshield is in order, repair the body where the wood separated, and new headlight and replace pinched wiring... piece a cake huh? :eek:
I also have a plan C, Sell my 38 Chevy - don't know if I will ever get back to it. Kind of lost interest in it. But then again I may get interested again. :rolleyes:
LumenAl said:
Well you could go with plan B... enclose the trailer you have! :rolleyes:
AL, that is not a bad plan, to inclose the trailer you have, I helped a close friend inclose his, we just made pockets for 1" emt pipe bent like a covered wagon, a pipe every 2 feet, you could just untie the hold downs and lift the tubes with the top material, and move them all forward to pockets all in a row up front when loading and such, them after securing the chassis down, move them all back again and zip the rear section closed.. he said it works really well and it was cheap to do, as His Wife sowed all the material together... Just something to kick around... :lol:
:eek: Hey Folks!! I got home last night around 7 PM. Visited in Barstow with Bob Buckles then on to Reno to se my sister. VERY HEAVY rain in Reno. Went on to Grants Pass to visit my brother and family just in time to celebrate the high school graduation of the youngest daughter.

Very uneventful trip driving home.

The run in S0-Cal was an absolute blast even though I was on the disabled list. The folks from Tuscon (Eddie in particular) worked very hard on getting the car driveable. Many of the guys from AZ worked harder than one could ever expect. Al, Duke, and Jerry, outstanding!! I cannot thank sufficiently all the folks involved in the maintenance recovery effort.
Metting up with Bob Buckles and Ted Brown were huge events. Ted probably has more knowledge in his fingers that I have in my entire body.

The car is home safe and I get a adjuster out here on Monday. I know I will have to pull new headlight wires, remove and paint the caliper, make a new draglink, replace the steering box and beef up the column.

All in all, a very lyucky day for me. The Toyota has a good bash job on the left front and the Chevy pickup will need maybe as much as a bed side. There were no hot tempers and nobody was hurt. Al looked after me like a father.

It appears to me that a loose jamb nut was the cause of this whole thing. Well, ok it was my failure to tighten the jamb nut. LI'll keep you posted as the repairs progress.


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