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So, you want to use a standard transmission...

i'm running a manual trans and i love it.hydl.cyl mounted under dash for the clutch.this one looks pretty good.jj
That, too, is a very nice setup Steve. My son is using it in his '32. The only thing that would be a problem in a T is filling the master cylinder. Whereas, the ECI unit can be easily filled with an access door in the floor. Both products a very good though.

I figured on using the turkey baster technique. I want to run my exhaust under the car and the under floor mount would take up too much space. Actually it's all moot now. Someone gave me a rebuilt, never run powerglide so I will be using two speeds instead of four or five.
I have seen the MC with a remote reservoir fed by a hose to the lid on the MC
rooster57 said:
I have seen the MC with a remote reservoir fed by a hose to the lid on the MC

I thought about that option but the only place I could think to mount the reservoir was on the firewall and I didn't think I would like the look. The system could be filled and bled without being mounted then bolted up to the mounts. After that it should stay filled and need very little maintenance.

What I liked about the Kugel setup was the way the pedals were separated to allow for the steering column.
i realy like the remote reservoir for my '27. should be able to mount the remotes under the cowl gas door.


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