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sofar on oldskool


This is it after almost 2.5 years home built frame 32 axel 40 drums 61 ford 9 inch rear 68 toro 455 200r4 49 metor dash hoping to drive out of the garage this summer then take it apart for paint and drive it to the wheels fall off.
Good lookin' car. :cool:
Looks like you're well into it. Cool "test driver" in the pic!:lol:
I thought the guys were commenting on your Avatar, then I realized you had a gallery! :lol: Yep, looks like your copilot is ready for the first ride.

I like the look you are going for. Deuce shell sets the pace nicely.

Nice build Rick. This one will be fun to watch.

Welcome aboard the board:D

Here's the latest. The frame is painted, gas tank is in, fuel lines mostly done, brake lines mostly done, suspension is in. Just dropped the engine in. It's coming together just in time for summer.


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