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Some are forgetting

343 fellow Fire Fighter / Paramedics lost their lives that day.....along with 3000 + innocent every day Joes and Janes.

I know I will never forget.

I would like to think every body who was around that day will never forget.

I too am a Veteran USMC 1979-1983
too young for Viet Nam, but my brother was there, 3 tours.
I took part in that "little skirmish" in Grenada.
freedom has a price.


Thanks to both of you!!!

It's a shame, but I think you are right Duke, in fact I think many of them forgot a long time ago. What irritates me are the people that put on a show today but act the rest of the year as though the people that did that dont exist.
Agreed, most don't give a damn any more.....And whats REALLY scarry is these same people VOTE......
Yup, I got the flag out flyin proud !!
Remember 9-11 when ya cast your VOTE !!!! "BH"

Jack Nemeyer
D-Troop (Air) 3/4 Cav.
25th Inf. Div.
CuChi, RVN 69-70
I am wearing a t shirt right now that says remember 9 11 united we stand. I wear it every year on this day. Do You remember where you where when you first heard the news of the towers. I was in a customers house watching TV while they where making out a check.
I will never forget!!!!!!!
Thank You to Our Veterans Who protect Us from this kind of tragedy.
It's a day I will never forget. My heart goes out to the families of those who parished that day and my prayers to those who lived through it. Let us never forget the price we are forced to pay for our freedom.

Never forgot and never will. I was active duty and was an instructor at the Naval Reserve Center in Brooklyn, NY. My ex and I lived on Staten Island. We spent many a quiet evening sitting on a bench and looking across the river at the skyline of Manhatten.
Its a hard thing to forget. Each of us has our own way showing respect. In fact, my flag is so faded it needs to be replaced.
With that said, I am becoming increasingly offended by politicians who use it for votes. Especially the ones who were in power when it happened.
Thanks to all for remembering. Unfortunately alot have.

AC Jim

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