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Some close ups of the flange Ron cut for me

figured i would post some close ups of the cut quality for anyone thats curious.

order of pics:
best cut
best cut
"worst cut" which is still way neater then can be done by hand
"worst slag" which is still quite minimal and EASILY removed
best slag, and theres plenty of area that has NO slag at all

all in all, id say i could NOT have done this by hand. wouldnt have been as neat or as accurate, and i doubt itwould have been done as soon either.

i can easily clean the edges up with a flapper wheel in no time at all. im VERY happy with the part, the price, and the speed of delivery






WOW! Those will clean up in no time or effort. Looks like great work, but I'm not surprised. The quality of work from our members is top notch.

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