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Spirit bash

It's not the Spirit Bash if it was it would be for Spirit owners only. Its the Buckethead Bash.

This is quote from the bucket head bash site. (" Bash Vision. It is our desire to see Mountain Home as well recognized in the hotrod world as Stirgis is in the motorcycle world. Focused on family friendly we would like to see the Bash be a place where father's and son's, mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren can come and create positive memories. Also a place where old friendships can be renewed and new one's started.
The Buckethead Bash will be a place where the cars are the star's but the focus will be on the fellowship surrounding this thing called a T Bucket.
The event is the participants and as host we do not intent to be content with good enough. It is our goal to make all who want to be a part of the Bash feel welcome and involved leaving satisfied but wishing it could last longer and looking forward to the next years Buckethead Bash in Mountain Home AR.
See you all in July! Man I can't wait!!!! )

This year we have tied the event closley to the ALFA house a mens shelter and the SPARKS GAMA house a womans shelter both are in Mountain Home. I have been involved in both these orginazitions for years and believe in there value.

Also the officer Sell memorial cruz on Friday night last year raised $2200 that went tward vests for the county with $500 to the D.A.R.E program. We do the Sell cruz in conjunction with the Bash and it has become quit the event in it's self.

The Bash is more a vacation you bring your Bucket to than it is a car show. There is stuff going on all week.

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