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Spirit track "T" nose


I have a track "T" grill shell and havent a clue as to how mount it.
Any ideas,pictures would be cool.

I haven't used one but I did see a set up that looked interesting. The guy made a frame work that was shaped to the back opening. He had tab on it to mount the nose to and basicly a piece of sheet metal with a hole in it for the radiator. He was running a Mustang radiator. the sheet for the radiator fit the inside of the nose pretty close all the way around so the air would go through the radiator. Kinda like a shroud in reverse.

If it's just the grill, 4 counter sunk bolts should do the trick...
If it's the nose you'll have to get your thinking cap on.
I made brackets that mount inside low and supports from the firewall
to the nose.

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