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Spy photo....


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Here's my valve cover racer to represent us from the T-bucket forums.I can't give the
rest of it away(spy's are out there)
Nice stripes, Track. Are you runnin' a blower? ;)
You could fit up used cds instead of tyres to reduce rolling resistance.:)

And lots of wax to make the paint aerodynamic too.
I think they should just send you the trophy.
plus they don't have very good bearings...:)
Track-T said:
plus they don't have very good bearings...:)

I machined out some billet hubs and bought some super low friction high speed bearings, pressed them together and epoxied the CDs to the hubs. Perfect. Put the racer on the back seat of the truck going to Mountian Home last year. A deer ran out in front of us and stopped real quick. Well the racer came flying off the seat and broke the wheels. A lot of time and money wasted.

I have a better wheel this year, but I don't think I am going to have time to get it finished. We have been so busy in the shop. But hey busy is a good problem to have.
I'm not sure where you plan on racing but I know the competition is stiff for bragging rights at the "BASH Classic" Here are some pic's of the 08 Classic. Link
They all look good,But< I only saw 2 "modifieds" in the bunch.
I'll be doing the NTBA Nationals this year as a tune up for the
23Tzer was tough last year he wouldn't even let his granddaughter beat him. Speedway will again sponsor the race this year and Dave assured me he will have a nice prize for 1st. Last year they gave us a shotgun air cleaner.

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