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Starbird day2


the first pic is Dennis Gage i was there early and had a very good conversation with him. The Second pic is aparenly a poor pirates daughter who was forced to wear her pirate dads bandanna as underware they must be real poor.
The third pic is a future shot of the roosters flames the guy who did this job will be starting on mine in 2 weeks
Day 2 pics are now posted i also took more pics of the bed on the six cyl t as requested Enjoy guys
Rooster looks like a good turn out with some fine cars.Was hoping to see the show but was in the garage trying to finish up pinion brake fab.This thing for some reason doesn't seem to be able to finish itself.
First Norm,now Dennis. I'm jealous.

I hope you were a true gentleman and offered that poor unfortunate young lady a coat. Looks like even the poor pirates are suffering in todays economy.
It was a tearful reunion for sure. we hugged and were caught up in the moment then we shook it off and got back to the show. The pirates daughter seemed quite happy to just parade around in her dads bandanna. I noticed several other guys that were taken by her situation and were offering her something. I couldn't hear what it was, but she kept saying no thanks. Day 3 is over and i didnt win a darn thing. But i had a great time and made several new friends and that is better than any ole trophy anyway.

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