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steel bodies

Check out Shadow Rods, I have seen their bodies and talked to them and was very impressed. They have a Quality product. Here is how to find out more about them:

5400 North Michigan Road
Saginaw, Michigan 48604
(989) 754-1928
welcome to shadow rods
very impressive buy my credit card just melted!!!

if you want a '23 type body, start practicing with your english wheel!!

the worset piece to fab would be the cowl top piece. if you shop around you can find an original one for $50 or so and build from there. would be a really fun project!!!

Yea i will bet they are not just fling off the shelf.
So does the Shadow Rods there around $9,000
theres a front cowl section from a 26-27 on the ebay with a buy it now of $400 located out west somewhere.. think it was kansas
madmak said:
This guy once told me he could build a whole body based on a t bucket. you might what to talk with him. His price wasnt bad either.

Howell's Sheetmetal

This shop has been around for years. I went over there a couple of times in the early 70s with a friend who was restoring a T to get some parts stamped out. We went in, told the guy what we wanted, went to a great Cajun restaurant for lunch and went back about a half hour or so later to get the parts. Great service and the price was good.

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