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steering box

Francis Blake

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I am using a corvair steering box and I noticed the input shaft moves in or out .040 when I turn it. Is this right or does it need adjustment? I appreciate any comments.
If you are talking about the splined shaft that the column is connected to, no it shouldn't have any end play in it. It is taken out by loosening the big hex nut on the threaded end plug and screwing that in until the end play is gone. You should back off on the sector shaft (small slotted screw with lock nut in side plate on box) until this is done and then readjusting it until there is a slight amount of resistance in the middle of the travel.

Here is what is inside the housing:


The two ball bearings on the worm shaft seat in the races in the box housing on one end and the big nut on the other. The gear teeth on the sector shaft have a slight taper in relation to the axis of the shaft and that is how the clearance is adjusted with the screw through the side plate. Turn CW to tighten and CCW to loosen it up.

Hope this helps.
Here is another pic that might show the relationships of the parts better:

That is good information to have I bookmarked that page. I found out a long time ago that even if I think I know but ain't sure ask before proceeding .
Here is another pic that might show the relationships of the parts better:


George no cad drawings I love how you crank those out quick. But I guess you get sick of doing them when you do it for a living.

I have gotten to this point on a Corvair box but don't have all of the internal parts done yet. Some of the geometry to some of the parts might be pretty challenging to create.


I must have given the wrong impression about the CAD drawing experience. It is not my vocation but rather an avocation. I've always liked to draw and had 4 years of drafting in high school and a year in college. But CAD is an entirely different animal. It just blows me away that one click of the mouse can change an orthographic drawing into a perspective drawing. If you have done any perspective drawings by hand with vanishing points and true heights, you can appreciate what a feat that is. I can't begin to imagine the amount and size of math calculations that are going on in the background.
George: You're doing fine. I think somewhere there is a graphic artist exploded view of the Corvair box.

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