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Steering Column Position


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Probably going to build a T bucket if I can't trade my chopper for one. I was wondering about the steering column angle, I'm partial to the look of the straight up column but don't have any hands on experience with either style. What are the pro's and cons to driving either one and would the fabrication be much different from one to the other. Lastly would the corvair or vega box work in the straight up configuration? Thanks in advance for the thoughts
Mine is straight up and down... I use a VW steering box... works great. Down side to this design is it really eats up floor space in a car that has little to begin with. The taller you are, the more you're going to want a more conventional steering column position. To get in and out of the car, you have to swing your legs and feet around the column...
I believe that they use a VW bus or van box.
I believe you would really prefer the standard type of steering mounting angle, through the firewall, as this is much more comfortable to not only drive and is safer in reaction time, as you are more used to that steering wheel angle, not to mention getting in and out.. I ALWAYS get in and out from the passenger side, otherwise I feel like a Monkey doing a football.. hehe
You can use either/any box you like, just the pitman arm mount would have to be extended outward with a Milk truck type steering.
ezrizer said:
Thanks for the response, do you know what type of VW the box is out of, is it an old bug?

Mine happens to be out of a microbus... (sorry about blurry pics)


This is a box from a Dodge Van of some long forgotten vintage...probably late 60's as the car was built in the early 70's. Not the easiest to mount, but it worked well.




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