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Steering stop


I bought the ccr plans , and for the front axle what are you using for a steering Stop? And only the small set screw to hold the kingpin?
There is no steering stop set up on the T Tube Axle we make. You can weld a stop to the axle or a threaded 7/16-20 stud and use the ones Tfever is showing.
The 5/16-18 set screw is what holds the pin in, use blue threadlocker or a longer set screw with a thin jam nut if you prefer.
The set screw only keeps the pin located and from raising up, it's job is not to hold the pin tight in the bore.Axle with short hangers szd.jpg
This thread just came in handy. I was going to weld a stop just behind the steering box to keep my left hand turns from causing the fender to hit the steering bar. This is a much better solution

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