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Strange browser behavior this morning...


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Mike, this is what I got when I logged on to the forums this morning. Tried several times and got the same thing. Firefox 3.6

Same crap here some thing is going on
Me three!!!!! Hey guys how can i not include the original text in my post??????
It depends on which "reply" button you use. If you click the "Reply" button at the lower right corner of a post it automatically adds the quote of the post. You can just highlight and delete the quote if you don't want it. Or you can use the "Fast Reply" at the bottom of the page. Or you can click "Add Reply" button that's just above the "Fast Reply" window over on the right with the "Bookmark" and "Start New Topic" buttons.
Well, I was off of T-Bucketeers for awhile and just got back on, and it's not doing it anymore!?!? Maybe Mike was doing some maintenance or something. 'Puters are goofy.
I'm trying to add some user agent code, to be able to track search engine spider activity a bit better.

Apparently a spider is hitting the site and bumping his wee head on the add-on code. :hooray: I think everything is running properly at the moment, but I ended up deleting about 40 user agents to get to this point. The problem might occur again, but I'll be around for a bit to catch it.


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