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Sunday Eye Candy

Johnny Angel

New Member
Going thru some photos today found these, thought they were neat
the yellow turtle back bucket is my friends, runs a 2.3 pinto engine,
its in the shop for a winter make over, getting an upgrade in the power
department, 3.8 GM engine and new paint job.

Johnny Angel
TubT said:
The middle car is Doc Parson's car. What a masterpiece it is!

I shot that car at Starbirds Hotrod Museum in OK, use to be a show
at Starbirds home by the Grand Lake of the Cherokee each summer,
but not for a few years now, thought the flat head in Doc Parson's
bucket was dressed nicely, over all a great example of a Tbucket.

Johnny Angel
I've seen Parson's T, and no picture is gonna do that car justice. It's simply awesome. Lots of attention to detail.


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